Website Design & Development - Vb Live Stats

The Challenge

Vb Live Stats is a new and innovative volleyball stats app that recently approached us with the goal of establishing their online presence and creating a strong brand in the market. They had already designed their logo, which they felt captured the essence of their app, and wanted us to help them create a one-page website that would serve as an introduction to Vb Live Stats.

The website that Vb Live Stats requested would provide potential users with important information about the app’s features and usage, as well as make it easy for them to find and download it. In addition to the website, Vb Live Stats also asked us to create print and dashboard designs to further showcase their brand and help them stand out in the market.

Finally, Vb Live Stats wanted us to manage their social media presence and handle their online advertising efforts. This would involve creating and publishing social media posts, interacting with followers, and implementing targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential users. Overall, our goal was to help Vb Live Stats build a strong online presence and brand that would attract and retain users.

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