Our Process


It is our experience that a typical custom website project takes about 12 weeks (not including holidays). This is a rough estimate and depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the complexity of your project, our current workload, material availability, and any problems that might arise as we work on your project. Unless specifically defined in the Proposal of Services, we do not guarantee website launch by a specific date.

Our Process

  • Phase One: The Brief

    We will ask you the right questions to understand why you need a new website and what you are trying to achieve.

  • Phase Two: Content (2 Weeks)

    We will develop the information architecture into a sitemap to show how all the different pages of a website are related. Then, we will collect the content we will need to create your new website. We will also give you a “Design Brief” that will help us understand the colors and designs you prefer for your new website which will be used in the next phase.
    If branding, photography or content writing is part of the project, we will not begin to create the website design concept until those parts have been completed.

  • Phase Three: Concept (3 Weeks)

    Development of the wireframe of the website. Based on the information you provide in the design brief and on the wireframe, we will produce a design concept that has been created to effectively reach your target audience. We will work with you to adjust the design concept until you are satisfied.

  • Phase Four: Development (4 Weeks)

    The design concept layout approved in Phase Two is converted into a customized WordPress website, pages are built and functionality is added.

  • Phase Five: Revisions (2 Weeks)

    You review the website for design and content and create a list of revisions that need to be made. (Revisions are minor updates and changes to existing content.)

  • Phase Six: Launch (2 Weeks)

    we will publish your website so that it is viewable on your domain name. Important Note: Due to the nature of the Internet, it can take 24 hours or longer for a newly published website to be viewable by everyone.

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